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🎓 Content Writer with 6+ years of experience crafting user guides for non-technical people at a B2B tech company, coupled with a few years of freelancing for solopreneurs in the HR & marketing sector.

My expertise lies in:

🌐 Web Copy
📝 Short & Long-form Blog posts
📚 How-to Guides
📂 Case studies
✍️ Translations, Edits & Revisions

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HR Blog Posts + Thesis

Why Upskilling is a Big Issue and How to Overcome It!

Level Up or Fade Away! This seems to be the digital revolution's central message. In a nutshell, this article addresses why employee retention matters, why tech employees leave, why they stay, key macro trends worth paying attention to, how to dodge the resignation bullet, and what it takes to thrive & not merely survive.

Exploring HR & Middle Manager's perception of Work Life Balance in Lebanese Banks

The main purpose of this paper is to examine HR and General/middle Managers’ experience of the work-life balance linkage in Lebanese Banks, and how they cope and deal with it. By shedding light on the quality of spillover experienced, and the coping mechanisms of managers, recommendations for better work-life balance policies can be suggested.

Marketing Blog Posts

A Simple Fast Easy Way to Learn Idea Generation

When it comes to idea generation, developing a framework is a struggle. This article delves into an idea-generation framework I developed after research and experimentation.

Sample Web Copy & Educational Guides

Arabic Posts

تطبيقات لمراقبة منزلكم عن بعد - رصيف22

نستعرض معكم أحدث التطبيقات والبرامج التي تقدم حلولاً غير مكلفة للمراقبة، سواء لغرض الحماية من السرقات أو لأغراض أخرى كمراقبة الأطفال أثناء نومهم. كل ما عليكم فعله هو تثبيت وتشغيل البرامج أو التطبيقات التالية.

Devised Events & Interviews

Marketing Hackathon: Bridging Real life Application with Academia | Berytech

The Marketing Hackathon is an event whose mission is twofold: bridging the gap between theoretical marketing knowledge and real-life implementation, as well as helping startups address and solve their marketing challenges. I devised it twice once at Berytech in May 2016 (as shown below), and once at AUST in February 2017.

Sure Fire Advice on How to Make It as a Freelancer

This blog post features an interview with Marc Chémali, Senior Account Manager and Brand Content Manager at VineLab to get the inside scoop on what it takes for a freelancer to succeed in this day and age.

Articles in Business Intelligence/Credit Risk and Compliance

Fintech Trends Reshaping Corporate Data: What You Need to Know

This article delves into fintech trends and their impact on corporate data. Specifically, it explores: - The top 6 fintech trends shaping the future - Their impact on corporate data - The importance of high-quality reliable corporate data